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“We can do no great thing, only small things, with great love”- Anonymous.

Before writing this post, before creating this blog, I’d asked myself a million times-why. Why would I take in another commitment? Why would I expose myself on the internet? Why would I… a thousand times over. The answer I came up with was because I loved writing. So why not take this chance to explore “my” love?

I’m luckier than most others, I realize. I’m living in the time of innovation, change, growth, and technology. I’m living in a world where information and entertainment comes with just a click. Sometimes, I wonder how I can make a difference, how I can contribute something to this world. I guess it must start with a kind gesture.

Go out there tomorrow’s morning, and compliment someone. You’ll make a difference to their day. Be there when your friends need a shoulder to lean on. You’ll make a difference to their sorrows. Drop a penny to a peasants on the streets of Vietnam. You’ll make a difference to their lives. I’d learned that what you do, need not to be great . If it comes from the sincerity of the heart, it’s great enough. And if you should think that you can’t make a difference, BE the difference. That’s what I’m going to do.

To be honest? I’d been procrastinating in writing this post in weeks. I’d thought about what my blog would be about, love or life, or books… And  I figured it would be about me. My experiences. My learnings.  My “loves”. Entrusting that to someone out there, my voice is heard and shared, I took this leap of faith.

Because hey, experience is what makes life, life.

And this new love? It’s different. It’s inescapable.Image