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Everybody wants the thing that’s called “a good life”. Here’s my question, what makes a good life?   Go ask a million persons and you’ll receive a million different answers. What is that that moves “an average life” to a good one? Your definition may be different from mine but I’ll just go ahead and read your mind for yours. No? Okay, I’ll write down what I observe.

1. Having money to spend

Yes,  the cha-ching! Money matters everywhere in society. A rich person can purchase a finer house, a nicer car, better food, better schools,better health care, more courteous services. In many cases, it can also purchase respect, love (you  may say that’s it’s not be true love, but it’s still LOVE), acceptance. With money comes power, with power comes more money, and the cycle repeats. It’s as simple as this in the poverty cycle where having no money means having no power, no education. And without education, there’s even less money.The cycle of poverty circles the poor’s life like a hurricane, the closer to the circle, the deadlier the situation is. My point is, you’re lucky than most people. You might hear others say this all the time, and it’s because it’s the TRUTH.

Some people are convinced that money is the big difference between an average life and the good life. Others feel that it’s not the money, but the things money can buy that define a good life. Jonathan Wells pointed out that, “Advertisers work very hard to convince you that your life just won’t be complete without their product. Like you’re living in deprivation if you don’t own the latest, greatest, soon to be obsolete version of everything”. I agree, in this world that we’re living in, it’s a lot harder to define what you REALLY wants. If you’re a teenager like I am, you know exactly what I’m talking about: we need that phone that everybody else is using (or a better one), we need that shirt that’s “in-trend” lately, etc. But wait, do we REALLY need them? Sure, they make us look better, but will they make us happy?  We need money for practically everything, and maybe because of this, we’re never satisfied with the amount we’re having.

But money is just a tool. You’re the user, don’t let it use you.

2. Having friends/ Having good relationships

It’s probably safe to say that friends are crucial in our lives.They’re the ones that bring that smile on your face, laugh with you over the things only you can understand, ….(fill in all the things your friends do). Problem is, sometimes friends are fickle. Sometimes they’re fake, sometimes they find other friendships, and totally forget yours. And that may make you feel like you live in a horrible life. Well you’re not. The orphans who are abandoned by their own parents could still smile. Artie from Glee is handicap, and he’s still enjoying life. If they can put a smile on their faces every day, so can you.

My mother once told me, “You don’t need the whole school to know you. You only need one, and they’ll never let you down.”Get one to truly know you, and be ready to truly know them too. Remember it doesn’t have to be someone you’re age, it can be you’re family!

3. Success in everything you do

And wouldn’t that make life so much easier? To be successful in everything you do, hmmmmmmm… but wouldn’t that make life really boring?


You are the one whose definition of a good life really matters. The reason for this is simple, it is your life we are talking about here. Why not define yours as good?