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2 weeks and NO posts? I know, I know. I’m sorry. Forgive me? (she said, her puppy dog eyes blinked pleadingly). Yes? Okay. Moving on!

I attended a MUN (Model United Nations) conference during the last weekend, and the experience was eye-opening. It seems like I’d seen the world in a new perspective (this could be understood quite literally as we spoke in third person, and debated policies and resolution to global issues- see how professional that sounded? That’s what I meant). In retrospect, there were many things, many things to which I would do differently. But I feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience those mistakes, because I now know what’s right.

One of the things I learned was the value of a friend. Nowadays, it’s hard to find the stereotypical type of BFF, you know the will-stand-by-you-no-matter-what type of friend. It’s not that everyone will stab you behind the back. It’s also because “forever” is a long time. And by that time, things would be different..As an international student, most of my friends move to different schools every 2-3 years, and even though we live in an era of technology, it’s hard to stay connected when you never see each other face to face. Before, I live abide a philosophy: Never pick one out of a crowd to be your bestfriend. Instead, pick the whole crowd to be your friends.

That theory of mine seemed okay for a moment.One,  I was rarely involved in any of the drama that haunted the high school years. Two, I was never “obliged” to gossip. Three, I would never have to make someone my “enemy” just because my bestfriend hated his/her guts…And on goes my list.

To an extent, I’d thought that my plan was perfect. Of course, I won’t get as many invitations to parties and hangouts, and I didn’t mind. But truth to be told, my “philosophy” was far from perfect. And you know what? A TRUE bestfriend will never make you do the things you don’t like. I realized it now, after I attended the conference.So you see experience is truly what makes life, life.