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A photographer once said, “The early dawn and the late dusk are the prime time. It’s when things look at its best”. When ever I look to the sky during these special hours, I nod my head in agreement.  If you’ve never seen a flock of bird, soaring above your head, you’ve never come close to comprehending mother nature. So for those of you who don’t know, a flock is a group of birds feeding, resting, or traveling together.

A flock of birds is a glorious example for synchrony in nature. In fact, many romantic poets and writers have used it as a symbol for cooperation, and for team-building. They are not particularly intelligent creatures, these birds, and yet, they assemble beautiful dances. Have you ever questioned why? The scientific explanation would be that this is a type of synchrony that have to do with defense. When you’re small and vulnerable, like these birds, it helps to swarm to avoid predators, to confused predators. Other than that the synchrony also improve foraging efficiency.
The other explanation is your imagination. I’ll tell you mine. For me, a flock live together, because each of them are gregarious. Because they’ve mastered the skill of cooperation. When spring comes and I look to the sky to find a migrating flock of bird in the familiar V-shape formation. I think of a pilot, directing a plane to its destination. Sometimes, I even see passengers on the back seat, shouting compliments, encouragements to the pilot. And when he tires, another volunteers to take his place. To me, love is presented in that string between one bird to the next.
And it’s beautiful.